About Tea Tree Oil

Not only can tea tree act as an air purifier, it is one of the best aromatherapy products you can find. Tea tree oil is a very powerful antiseptic and an immuno-stimulant. It can be used to treat burns, cuts, eczema, candida, athlete's foot, ring worm and many other ailments.

The most important application of Tea Tree Oil is to fight bacterial and fungal infections. Tea tree oil can be expensive, but it is a broad spectrum fungicide and seems to kill all the mold families it contacts.

Mold can be dangerous to your health, even if you aren’t allergic

Many people react to mold by getting tired and even depressed. Try to stay on top of moisture and mold as soon as either arises. Dry out anything that is damp, such as basements (use a dehumidifier) and carpets. Fix leaks in plumbing and roofs, wipe up spills, and make sure water does not escape from shower curtain into tile crevasses.

It is impossible to get rid of all mold and mold spores indoors. Some mold spores will be found floating through the air and in house dust. Mold removal products that contain tea tree oil are great for removing these mold spores from the air without causing respiratory harm or discomfort.

Even though mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present, it still can cause respiratory harm if inhaled. Indoor mold growth can and should be prevented or controlled by controlling moisture indoors. If there is mold growth in your home, you must clean up the mold and fix the water problem. If you clean up the mold, but don't fix the water problem, then, most likely, the mold problem will come back.