All-Natural Mold Removal

Considering the well reported dangers of mold indoors, it’s time for safer air, with SafeTAir products! SafeTAir is a mold neutralizing gel that is truly amazing.

Safe T Air mold neutralizer is non toxic, non allergenic and non-staining. SafeTAir is bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, natural product with natural Tea Tree Oil, the world’s most powerful natural antiseptic.

What is SafeTAir?

SafeTAir is the natural way to control, remove and prevent mold, mildew, bacteria, fungus and musty odors. SafeTAir uses water based technology and the natural power of Tea Tree Oil to effectively clean indoor air. This Tea Tree Oil gel goes to work immediately fighting, preventing and reducing over 20 of the most common varieties of indoor mold, mildew, fungi and bacteria by up to 98%. Working naturally behind the scenes to protect the health and well-being of those closest to you.

Safe and Easy to use:

  • Simply remove the lid and place in affected area. Non-hazardous and non-caustic.
  • Safe T Air starts working immediately to seek out and destroy mold, bacteria, fungi and odors.
  • One Safe T Air jar can clean up to 400 square feet. Initially, you may need more SafeTAir to bring the mold problem under control. Once under control, you will need less SafeTAir to safe & maintain clean air levels.
  • How does SafeTAir work?

    Utilizing the existing air flow within the structure, Safe T Air delivers Tea Tree Oil to the indoor environment through evaporation. Simply remove the lid and let Safe T Air go to work. Making the air clean, fresh, safe and healthy. Protecting your walls, fixtures, surfaces and fabrics.

    Place the Safe T Air gel tubs in the affected area, or as close as possible. Once opened, natural evaporation occurs and Safe T Air starts working immediately to neutralize and sterilize mold. Safe T Air is not a perfume that conceals mold; it attacks the mold spores neutralizing the adverse effects leaving a cleaner, fresher, healthier place.